Eligibility : 10th, +2.

Duration: 3 Years (6 Semesters).
2 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 BBA-011   Principal of Management
 BBA-012   Marketing Management
 BBA-013   Managerial Economics
 BBA-014   Introduction to Computers
 BBA-015   Communication Skills
Semester II
Code Subjects
 BBA-021   Organization Behaviour
 BBA-022   Business Communication
 BBA-023   Business Law
 BBA-024   Production & Operations Management
 BBA-025   Financial Accounting
Semester III
Code Subjects
 BBA-031   Mathematics for Business & Economics
 BBA-032   Logistics Management
 BBA-033   Human Resource Management
 BBA-034   Introduction to Internet
 BBA-035   Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
Semester IV
Code Subjects
 BBA-041   Advertising Fundamental
 BBA-042   Business Policy
 BBA-043   Financial Reporting
 BBA-044   E-Commerce
 BBA-045   Project Managemen
Semester V
Code Subjects
 BBA-051   Corporate Legal Framework
 BBA-052   Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt
 BBA-053   Advertising & Sale Promotion
 BBA-054   Training & Development
 BBA-055   Business Environment
Semester VI
Code Subjects
 BBA-061   Management Information System
 BBA-062   Quality Management
 BBA-063   Management of Financial Institutions
 BBA-064   Consumer Behavior
 BBA-065   Project Report

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