B.Tech :

Eligibility: 10+2  with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
4 Years ( 8 Semesters )
Lateral Entry to 3rd Semester              
Eligibility: 10, +2 PCM, 10,  Diploma in Engg. (3 Yrs), 10,  +2, B.Sc with Maths
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semesters)
* 3 Years / 4 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 BTME01   English-I
 BTME02   Indian Constitution and Ethics
 BTME03   Mathematics-I
 BTME04   Chemistry
 BTME05   Electrical Technology
 BTME06   Mechanics
 BTME07   Introduction to Manufacturing Process
 BTME08P-I   Chemistry Practical
 BTME09P-II   Electrical Technology
Semester II
Code Subjects
 BTME10   English-II
 BTME11   Environment Studies
 BTME12   Mathematics-II
 BTME13   Applied Physics
 BTME14   Fundamentals of Computers
 BTME15   Basic Electronics
 BTME16   Engineering Drawing and Graphics
 BTME17P-I   Applied Physics Pratical
 BTME18P-II   Basic Electronics Pratical
Semester III
Code Subjects
 BTME19   Mathematics-III
 BTME20   Thermodynamics
 BTME21   Fluid Mechanics
 BTME22   Workshop Process
 BTME23   Electrical Machines
 BTME24P-I   Fluid Mechanics Practical
 BTME25P-II   Workshop Processes Practical
Semester IV
Code Subjects
 BTME26   Society, Enviornment & Engineering
 BTME27   Dynamics
 BTME28   Solid Mechanics
 BTME29   Heat Transfer
 BTME30   Thoery of Machine
 BTME31P-I   Solid Mechanics Practical
 BTME32P-II   Thoery of Machine Practical
Semester V
Code Subjects
 BTME33   Metal Cutting and Tool Design
 BTME34   Contorl System
 BTME35   Computer Graphics
 BTME36   CNC Programming
 BTME37   Operation Research
 BTME38P-I   Metal Cutting and Tool Design Practical
 BTME39P-II   CNC Programming Practical
Semester VI
Code Subjects
 BTME40   Strength of Materials
 BTME41   Industrial Engineering & Production Management
 BTME42   Design Machine Elements
 BTME43   Hydraulic Machines
 BTME44   Industrial Economics & Management
 BTME45P-I   Design Machine Elements Practical
 BTME46P-II   Hydraulic Machines Practical
Semester VII
Code Subjects
 BTME47   CAD / CAM (Application) & Automation
 BTME48   Metrology & Quality Control
 BTME49   I.C. Engineering & Automobile Engineering
 BTME50   Finite Element Method in Engineering
 BTME52P-I   Metrology & Quality Control Practical
 BTME53P-II   I.C. Engineering & Automobile Engineering Practical
 BTME51-I   Mechatronics
 BTME51-II   Concurrent Engineering
 BTME51-III   Management of Technology
 BTME51-IV   Machine Vibration Analysis
Semester VIII
Code Subjects
 BTME54   Refrigeneration & Air Conditioning
 BTME55   Machine Tool Design
 BTME56   Jigs & Fixture Design
 BTME57   Project
 BTME58P-I   Refrigeneration & Air Conditioning Practical