Eligibility : 10th, +2 with any graduation.

Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters).
2 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 MBA01   Management Theory & Practice
 MBA02   Managerial Economics
 MBA03   Accounting for Managers
 MBA04   Organizational Behaviour
 MBA05   Quantitative Techniques
 MBA06   Business Ethics & Values
Semester II
Code Subjects
 MBA07   Management Information System & Computer Application
 MBA08   Business Law
 MBA09   Financial Management
 MBA10   Marketing Management
 MBA11   Human Asset Management
 MBA12   Executive Communication & Research Methodology
Semester III
Code Subjects
 MBA13   Management of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
 MBA14   Business Policy and Strategic Management
 MBA15   Operations Research
 MBA16   Electives Stream - 1
 MBA17-L   Electives Stream - 2
 MBA18-L   Electives Stream - 3
 MBA16A   Investment Management
 MBA17A   Merchant Banking and Financial Services
 MBA18A   Management of Infrastructure Financing
 MBA16B   Product and Brand Management
 MBA17B   Services Marketing
 MBA18B   Sales and Distribution Management
 MBA16C   Management of Training and Development
 MBA17C   Compensation Management
 MBA18C   Organization Development and Change Management
 MBA16D   Materials Management
 MBA17D   Production Technique
 MBA18D   Project Management
 MBA16E   Database Management System
 MBA17E   Structured System Analysis & Design
 MBA16F   Logistics Management
 MBA17F   Manufacturing & Operations Management
 MBA18F   Retail Management
 MBA16G   Sales & Distribution Management
 MBA17G   Production & Operations Management
 MBA18G   Production & Material Management
 MBA16H   Construction Management
 MBA17H   Construction Safety Management
 MBA18H   Construction Contracts Management
 MBA16I   Pharmaceutical Management
 MBA17I   Pharmaceutical Production Management
 MBA18I   Basic of Accountancy
 MBA16J   International Trading
 MBA17J   International Marketing
 MBA18J   World Economy & Globalization
 MBA16K   Priniciple of Insurance
 MBA17K   Management of General Insurance
 MBA18K   Banking System
 MBA16L   Retailing & Retail Formats
 MBA17L   Retail Strategies
 MBA18L   Retail Organization & Managing Retail Personnel
 MBA16M   Project Management Concept
 MBA17M   Project Planning
 MBA18M   Project Performance,Measurement Control
 MBA16N   Hospital Inventory Management
 MBA17N   Priniciple of Management
 MBA18N   Priniciple of Marketing Management
 MBA16O   Industrial Engineering
 MBA17O   Manpower Planning & Motivation
 MBA18O   Organizational Behaviour
 MBA16P   Basic of Accountancy in Materials Management
 MBA17P   Inventory Management
 MBA18P   Logistics Management
 MBA16Q   Introduction To Quality Management
 MBA17Q   Strategic Quality Management
 MBA18Q   Tom & Six Sigma
Semester IV
Code Subjects
 MBA22   Electives Stream - 1
 MBA23-L   Electives Stream - 2
 MBA24-L   Electives Stream - 3
 MBA22A   International Financial Management
 MBA23A   Portfolio Management and Security Analysis
 MBA24A   Financial Derivative
 MBA22B   Advertising and Sales Promotion
 MBA23B   Industrial Marketing
 MBA24B   International Marketing
 MBA22C   Management Industrial Relation
 MBA23C   International Human Resource Management
 MBA24C   Labour Legisialation
 MBA22D   Total Quality Management
 MBA23D   Supply Chain Management
 MBA24D   Innovation and R & D Management
 MBA22E   E-Business
 MBA23E   Software Management
 MBA24E   Object Oriented Programming with Java
 MBA22F   Physical Distribution & Supply Chain Management
 MBA23F   Materials Management
 MBA24F   International Buying
 MBA22G   Total Quality Management
 MBA23G   Inventory  Management
 MBA24G   Supply Chain Management & Logistic Management
 MBA22H   Infrastructure Development & Management
 MBA23H   Construction Equipment Management
 MBA24H   Project Management
 MBA22I   Pharmaceutical Economics
 MBA23I   Pharmaceutical Marketing
 MBA24I   Pharmaceutical Salesmanship
 MBA22J   International HRM
 MBA23J   International Marketing
 MBA24J   Principles of Management
 MBA22K   Introduction to Banking Management
 MBA23K   Introduction to Insurance
 MBA24K   Principles of Management
 MBA22L   Retail Marketing
 MBA23L   Retail Store Operation
 MBA24L   Retail Strategy
 MBA22M   Project Communication & Planning
 MBA23M   Project Management
 MBA24M   Strategic Project Management
 MBA22N   Health Economics & TQM
 MBA23N   IT for Hospital
 MBA24N   Hospital Financial Management
 MBA22O   Engineering Economics
 MBA23O   Industrial Psychology
 MBA24O   Project Management & TQM
 MBA22P   Manufacturing & Operation Management
 MBA23P   Supply Chain Management
 MBA24P   Import & Export policy
 MBA22Q   Quality Control & Assurance
 MBA23Q   Customer Relationship Management
 MBA24Q   Basic of Reliablity
 MBA25   Project

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