B.Tech : Computer Science

Eligibility: 10+2  with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
4 Years ( 8 Semesters )
Lateral Entry to 3rd Semester              
Eligibility: 10, +2 PCM, 10,  Diploma in Engg. (3 Yrs), 10,  +2, B.Sc with Maths
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semesters)

* 3 Years / 4 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 BF1   Mathematics- I
 BF2   Chemistry
 BF3   English for Communication
 BF4   Electrical Technology
 BF5   Mechanics
 BF6   Introduction to Manufacturing Process
 BF2P   Chemistry Practical
 BF4P   Electrical Technology Practical
Semester II
Code Subjects
 BF7   Mathematics - II
 BF8   Applied Physics
 BF9   Fundamental of Computer
 BF10   Basic Electronics
 BF11   Engineering Drawing and Graphics
 BF8P   Applied Physics Practical
 BF10P   Basic Electronic Practical
Semester III
Code Subjects
 BSCO1   Mathematics III
 BSCO2   Switching Circuits & Logic Design
 BSCO3   Signals & Networks
 BSCO4   Digital Electronics
 BSCO5   Electrical Machine
 BSCO3P   Signals and Networks Practical
 BSCO5P   Electrical Machine Practical
Semester IV
Code Subjects
 BSCO6   Society, Environment, Engineering
 BSCO7   Electronic Devices & Circuit
 BSCO8   Analog Electronic Circuits
 BSCO9   Discrete Structures
 BSCO10   Object Oriented Programming
 BSCO8P   Analog Electronic Circuits Practical
 BSCO10P   Object Oriented Programming Practical
Semester V
Code Subjects
 BTCO1   Operating System
 BTCO2   Database Management System
 BTCO3   Computer Graphics
 BTCO4   Computer organization
 BTCO5   Software Engineering
 BTCO2P   Database Mgt. System Practical
 BTCO3P   Computer Graphics Practical
Semester VI
Code Subjects
 BTCO6   Computer Network
 BTCO7   Theory of Computation
 BTCO8   Micro- processor
 BTCO9   Principles of Programming
 BTCO10   Industrial Economics & Management
 BTCO6P   Computer Network Practical
 BTCO8P   Micro- processor Practical
Semester VII
Code Subjects
 BECO1   Pattern Recognition & Application
 BECO2   Digital Signal Processing
 BECO3   Data structures & Object Representation
 BECO4   Advanced Computer System Architecture
 BECO2P   Digital Signal Processing Practical
 BECO4P   Advanced Computer System Architecture Practical
 BECO5-I   Neural Network & Application
 BECO5-II   Parallel Processing
 BECO5-IV   Mobile Computing
 BECO5-IV   Fuzzy Set Theory & Application
Semester VIII
Code Subjects
 BECO6   Design Principle of language Translator
 BECO7   Design & Analysis of Algorithm
 BECO8   Interactive Multimedia
 BECO9   Project
 BECO7P   Design & Analysis of Algorithm Pratical