B.Tech : Mechanical

Eligibility: 10+2  with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
4 Years ( 8 Semesters )
Lateral Entry to 3rd Semester              
Eligibility: 10, +2 PCM, 10,  Diploma in Engg. (3 Yrs), 10,  +2, B.Sc with Maths
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semesters)
* 3 Years / 4 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 BF1   Mathematics-I
 BF2   Chemistry
 BF3   English for Communication
 BF4   Electrical Technology
 BF5   Mechanics
 BF6   Introduction to Manufacturing Process
 BF2P   Chemistry Practical
 BF4P   Electrical Technology Practical
Semester II
Code Subjects
 BF7   Mathematics-II
 BF8   Applied Physics
 BF9   Fundamental of Computer
 BF10   Basic Electronics
 BF11   Engineering Drawing and Graphics
 BF8P   Applied Physics Practical
 BF10P   Basic Electronic Practical
Semester III
Code Subjects
 BSM1   Mathematics III
 BSM2   Thermodynamics
 BSM3   Fluid Mechanics
 BSM4   Workshop Processes
 BSM5   Electrical Machine
 BSM3P   Fluid Mechanics Practical
 BSM5P   Workshop Processes Practical
Semester IV
Code Subjects
 BSM6   Society, Environment & Engineering
 BSM7   Dynamics
 BSM8   Solid Mechanics
 BSM9   Heat Transfer-I
 BSM10   Theory of Machine
 BSM8P   Solid Mechanics Practical
 BSM10P   Theory of Machine Practical
Semester V
Code Subjects
 BTM1   Metal Cutting and Tool Design
 BTM2   Control System
 BTM3   Computer Graphics
 BTM4   CNC Programming
 BTM5   Operation Research
 BTM1P   Metal cutting & Tool design Practical
 BTM4P   CNC Programming practical
Semester VI
Code Subjects
 BTM6   Strength of Materials
 BTM7   Industrial Engg. & Production Management
 BTM8   Design of Machine Elements
 BTM9   Hydraulic Machines
 BTM10   Industrial Economics & Management
 BTM8P   Design of Machine Elements Practical
 BTM9P   Hydraulic Machines Practical
Semester VII
Code Subjects
 BEME1   CAD/ CAM (Application ) & Automation
 BEME2   Meteorology & Quality Control
 BEME3   I.C. Engines & Automobile Engineering
 BEME4   Finite Elements Methods in Engineering
 BEME2P   Meteorology & Quality Control Practical
 BEME4P   I.C. Engines & Automobile Engineering Practical
 BECH5-I   Mechatronics
 BECH5-II   Concurrent Engineering
 BECH5-III   Management of Technology
 BECH5-IV   Machine Vibration Analysis
Semester VIII
Code Subjects
 BEME6   Refrigeration & Air- Conditioning
 BEME7   Machine Tool Design
 BEME8   Jigs & Fixture Design
 BEME9   Project
 BEME6P   Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Practical