Eligibility for Admission :
Candidates should possess any degree in any discipline of this University or any other recognized University. Such candidates are eligible for admission into the bachelor of library and Information Science Programme.

Duration of the Programme :
Duration of the BLISc Programme is 'One' academic year from the year of Admission to the programme.

Medium of Instruction :
The medium of instruction followed is English and Kannada.

Programme structure :
The following are the courses to be studied by students who are admitted to BLISc programme.

1 Year
Year I
Code Subjects
 BLI - 51   Library, Information and Society
 BLI - 52   Management of Library, Information Centres
 BLI - 53   Information Processing - Thoery I : Classification
 BLI - 54   Information Processing - Thoery II : Catalouguing
 BLI - 55   Information Sources and Services
 BLI - 56   Fundamentals of Information Technology
 BLI - 57   Information Processing - Thoery I : Classification (Practical)
 BLI - 58   Information Processing - Thoery I : Catalouguing (Practical)