Diploma : Electronics and Telecommunication

Code Subjects
 DF1   Communication Skills
 DF2   Engg. Mathematics - I
 DF3   Applied Physics
 DF4   Applied Chemistry
 DF3P   Applied Physics Practical
 DF4P   Applied Chemistry Practical
Code Subjects
 DF5   Engg. Mathematics II
 DF6   Information Technology Applications
 DF7   Basic Electronics
 DF8   Workshop Practice
 DF7P   Basic Electronics Practical
 DF8P   Workshop Practice Practical
Code Subjects
 DSET1   Engg. Mathematics III
 DSET2   Applied Mechanics
 DSET3   Electrical Technology
 DSET4   Engg. Graphics
 DSET5   Applied Electronics
 DSET2P   Applied Mechanics Practical
 DSCO3P   Electrical Technology Pracitcal
Code Subjects
 DSET6   Digital Techniques & Applications
 DSET7   Electronics Materials & Components
 DSET8   Electronic Measurements and Instruments
 DSET9   Communication Techniques
 DSET10   Linear Integrated Circuits
 DSET6P   Digital Techniques & Applications Practical
 DSET10P   Linear Integrated Circuit Practical
Code Subjects
 DTET1   Industrial Organization & Supervision Mgmt.
 DTET2   Microprocessor Based Systems
 DTET3   Instrumentation & Control
 DTET4   Industrial Electronics
 DTET5   Advanced Communication Systems
 DTET2P   Microprocessor Based Systems Practical
 DTET4P   Industrial Electronics Practical
Code Subjects
 DTET 6   Advanced Industrial Electronics
 DTET 7   Power Electronics
 DTET 8   Digital Communication System
 DTET 9   Project
 DTET6 P   Advanced Industrial Electronics